Door to Door advertising

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So I have a friend who has had success with this method so I wanted to go a little deeper with it and see what some of your thoughts are.

I want to do a similar strategy with the script basically introducing myself to the neighborhood and interests in being a part of the community. I’ll subtly divulge that I’m also a real estate investor that buys properties from people interested in selling. Give them a gift card or something along that nature along with my business card. Or I was thinking of giving a resume type paper folded in an envelope with the gift card, my picture on top right corner with a brief description of my intentions with all my contact info enclosed. What do you think. This idea is on the cutting room floor so I’m open to any and all modifications. Thank you all for your time! Really appreciate it 🙏🏻🙌🏻🏡

@Anthony Porembski

A bit more info. I’ll be doing this in C to C+ neighborhoods and actually live in proximity to my targeted areas in a house hacked duplex.