West Palm Beach Networking

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Would love to connect with local investors, flippers and anyone else in the real estate world. Let’s grow our pockets bigger together! I live in downtown West Palm Beach. I’m currently working on raising capital to produce manufactured homes. What are you working on?

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Hey @Matt Miller ... welcome to the community. A large group of us meet once a month in Delray at a coffee shop if you’re interested. Next meetup is Sep 14

Hey, I host a local meetup in Palm Beach Gardens every first Saturday and my next event is this Saturday the 2nd and i will have David Dweck speaking about how to make the most money in todays market and ways to save what you make. The information is in the events page, reach out if you want more info. Thank you, Look forward to seeing you this weekend.

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@Jon Huber that's great news! My wife and I are planning a move to WPB before the year ends AND are new to investing. Any help would be appreciated.

 Me and my wife as well are planing to move to WPB before the year ends! I hope to connect with some of you and do great things for WPB.

@Matt Miller Hey matt! My name is Caleb and i am in the downtown west palm beach area as well! I am meeting with a few investors Thursday if you want to join us! Let me know ASAP so I can let you know where! Have a great day and God bless!