Flipping a gym for $50k gains, how would you invest?

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My wife and I invested in a small struggling gym 3 years ago when we were both 23, the gym is doing very well now and we are going to walk with about $50k in capital. We have doubled our investment and the risk looks like it paid off. We will lose some to capital gains taxes so we are looking to have $40-$45k available to invest.

We recently bought a house and have been doing a live in flip so in two years we can either sell tax free or turn it into a rental or just keep it as a primary residence.

My question for those of you ballers out there, how would you maximize the capital I have? Would you do flip houses to get more capital, syndicate in a bigger deal, invest in courses to learn more before doing anything, would you partner in smaller deals?

My long term goal is to reinvest capital into long term rentals and start my own rental business. Eventually acquiring small apartments and then larger apartments.

Thanks in advance for the feedback! This is the best community out there! You all are so helpful and wonderful!

Flipping houses will increase and recapture your capital. Once you do a large syndication deal you cannot recover any capital until you refi. But at the same time you shouldn't limit yourself and should be open to any opportunity that arises. Numbers will dictate your decision.

One thing you should consider is partner or syndicate in all your deals so you can have best of both worlds along with your money.. Investors will always be interested when you have skin