Best way to raise capital

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The best way to raise capital is to start with friends and family, because they already know, like, and trust you. Start by organically talking with them about what you're learning about and what you hope to achieve in real estate.

As they express interest, share more of what you know, perhaps about specific markets, where we are in the market cycle, deals you're looking at, etc. You can also share a sample deal with them, to walk them through the process, answer any questions, and see how much they might want to invest with you when you do have a deal.

In addition, start to build up your own brand and thought leadership platform through creating content that teaches people about the types of opportunities you're looking to put together. That way, people will start to see you as a leader in the space, thus deepening their trust in you and your brand.

Then, once you've built up a short list of people who have capital and are interested in investing alongside you, then go out and find a deal.

I can't tell if this is a serious question or not.  There's SO many ways to raise capital (crowdfund, friends & family, partner pools, etc).  I'm not sure that there's a "best way", ut yeah, I agree with @Annie Dickerson that friends & family is the most forgiving and legally least risky at the start.  

Further along, you should consider the ways the private equity investments are made (perhaps the "best way"), which are not as complex as you'd think and many real estate PE investors/sponsors use a template of documents and LLC formation. We learned this by making some LP investments into development projects and then started forming the PE structures on our own to invest in our larger development projects.