Land development with PLAT surveys don

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Found 38 acres in an emerging market that is priced well. The owner ran out of money but was first able to get two surveys done for multiple 1 acre properties. There are two homes on the wooded land, and it has a large pond on it. Located directly across from a newly built subdivision, this must be an opportunity in the making!

That's not the only one, either. A lead on a mobile home park that is small, but cashflowing 10k a year. There is a ton of value add opportunity with 5 vacant acres attached to be used. Thinking about building small studios or duplexes there, possibly expanding the mobile home park? The logistics and costs associated with these types of deals seem overwhelming! Any advice is much appreciated.

@Nick Maugeri , I like the mobile home park opportunity only if the 5 acres is zoned properly and entitlements are in place or at least could be in place. Would also want to make sure you have all of the engineering ready so you know exactly what type of cost you will have for all of your infrastructure along with the reserves to infill the spaces once they are developed. Yes, this is a huge undertaking but can be completed as long as you have worked the numbers.