Gabriel Hamel from bigger pockets podcast 344

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Anyone know more about an investor named Gabriel Hamel from BP podcast 344? In regards to what does his portfolio look like. It seems that sometimes people are better at sales than actual investing. What’s his legitimacy as an investor? Would you pay him to mentor you? How much would you pay for a legit RE investor to mentor you?

@Jared Michael Rollins I don’t know Gabriel Hamel or what his portfolio looks like,however, the reason why I’m responding to this post is because I think you have mentoring and coaching confused a little bit. Coaching programs cost money, whereas mentors usually don’t. Mentors are found more organically by getting to know people and developing a relationship with them over time. Coaching is usually more structure with expectations on both sides as to what one gets for the man out paid.

In my opinion, mentorship is better, but If it’s hard to find a mentor, then starting with some  reasonably priced coaching may get the ball rolling. You could also just connect with other investors in your area that may be able to share their experiences and ideas with you.

Hey @Jared Michael Rollins I know Gabriel Hamel. I don't have his permission to disclose anything about his portfolio, but from talking to him and to others who have interacted with him everything he mentioned in his BP podcast is legit.

He recently mentioned he's not looking to do a pay for coaching job, but I recommend reaching out to him on Instagram at gabrielrhamel and seeing what you can work out.