Renting car on Turo..what car to buy

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I am in process of buying a car and since I only need car 2 days a week, I want to rent it out. I live in Beverly Hills, so great area for tourists, what car would you recommend? I was looking into convertibles, mainly Camaro or Audi. I would love to keep it under $30k, preferably around 20. Thank you

I would never rent out my car.  Too many people drive like maniacs and don't give 2 craps about driving over curbs or being rough on the engine because it's not their car.  It's all fun and games til someone burns out your clutch or transmission.

You also need to checkout insurance.  You can bet it will be expensive to insure a car that someone else will be driving.

Yes, and your car WILL get wrecked, its just a matter of time. I cant recommend Turo. The claims process is slow and you are at their mercy. BEWARE!  It is your decision to rent on Turo but just do some research on other blogs, the Better Business Bureau, etc. to find out horror stories of Turo renting.  

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