Any Airbnb investors?

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We just purchased a SFH that we are considering making an Airbnb next year. Any investors out there have an advice? Pros? Cons? It's in a great location in Spartanburg, SC. Close to the airport, downtown, shops restaurants.

Hey! Just a few thoughts/suggestions:

Check local ordinances to ensure short term rentals are allowed, and what the regulations are. 

Consider the proximity to neighbors and whether they might get upset and complain if there are loud parties by the Airbnb renters? 

Wish you all the best!

In the drop down menus, see: Browse Forums--> Real Estate Strategies ---> Short Term and Vacation Rental area of BP.  There, you will find a lot of us posting about vacation rentals, short term rentals, AirBnb, VRBO, and get a few more eyes on your questions.

I just opened my first AirBNB in a house that I took over Sub2 on 10/19. AirBNB says I can make up to $1506 per month in that area. My current November earnings are already over $2100. I am seriously considering doing this with more of properties as I renovate them. I have a cleaner that handles everything and automated locks, pricing and messaging. It's almost zero work for me at this point. I can't wait to scale it.

@Samantha Rodriguez I bill a $50 cleaning fee for full house rentals and a $15 per room fee if they just rent a bedroom.  My cleaner charges me the same amount, so I don't make anything but nothing comes out of pocket either.

@Kevin Christensen , what size house? I just increased my cleaning fee to $130 for a 3 bed house.  Have 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 double beds...all tile floors in this house. With laundry, it is between 5 and 8 hours to turn over, depending on whether all beds were used.  

Sub2 would be an awesome way to get started. The biggest hurdle is whether short term rentals are legal in the municipality.

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