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What are best ways to get leads for "subject to" purchases. Would it just be DMM? If so, what specific groups would you target and how would you word your message? Are there any other methods you could use?

Any advice or new perspectives would be greatly appreciated! Love this BP network!

Hi Brian, You asked a good question actually.  

BUT I bet you didn't search BP on "subject to".  BTW there's a "creative" forum.  Also, on searching on "subject to" has A-L-O-T of great videos.  OMG those contributors are insanely high quality.  Joe McCall,  Joe Crump, Phil Phistophski (????) just to name a few.  FWIW the lease option national trainers have a a side gig finding sub-to sellers as a part of their training and youtube helps.

No,,,,, sellers do not advertise "will let you take over paying my mortgage", and I know you know this.  I'm not being sarcastic.  :)  But who will?  Is your question.

1) low / no equity FSBO, >60days on market MLS listings, expired listings have some percent who have too much debt to take a reasonable offer so they are "stuck". So look for their foot prints: FSBO, MLS listing >60 days on market. AND expireds. These lead types are findable via many sources. (all of them) including, bla bla bla and services like ($99/mo with the discounted URL from some trainer). Propstream is decent, not perfect, but for $99/mo from my experience its about the best value for all the many (many) lead types buried inside its complicated filter / search tool.

Its one thing to know the demographic of who will do some deal type, its ENTIRELY another to buy, find , create a list of that type of home owner.  OMG its a pain.

Then the next direct marketing problem is how to contact those sellers.  If your leads are just owner name, owner address, property address.  You need to skip trace via a service like or one at a time via a service like (or the many similar services).

2) >60 days on market MLS listings. Expired listings. An agent can pull these leads or again a service (several) like has these leads. Agent365 etc have lead sources.

Again you need to skip trace the owner and SMS / direct mail to these owners.

3) the hardest to deal with are pre foreclosure owners. 98% of pre forclosure owers say they want to keep their houses,,, yet they are 4 weeks from the auction of loosing their homes. They are experts at head in the sand. DO NOT offer to pay the arears, close on buying their house subject to their debt AND let them stay in the house after closing. Too long a story of why this is the worst idea in real estate! Which is why working with pre foreclosure sellers is the most difficult seller type i know of: 1) yes I will sell to you leaving the debt in my name 2) yes i will move out BEFORE CLOSING WHICH NEEDS TO BE BEFORE THE TUE AUCTION. If you bring the arears current canceling the auction you have lost the motivation of the owner working with you!!!! They are experts at ignoring huge problems, you will fail at getting them to do anything for you if you pay the arears and stop the foreclosure, and don';t have them move out before closing. Its best to not fool with this seller type as a newbie. This is the craziest deal type I know of in real estate, due to the crazy nature of the sellers!!!! Sad and crazy at the same time. In Ga, in Atlanta in my REIA,, an expert investor specializes in this deal type tells me, her door knocker team often has the wifes surprised at the door that their house is up for auction in 4 weeks, a huge argument ensues on the door step, crying, screaming... Its ugly. Just avoid this one.

There you have it,,, all of it. Long days on MLS, expireds and the more firtile FSBOs.

Here's the punch line and time saver:   Cold call all the above leads:  "Hi, I'm interested in your house, its perfect, but would you be interested in renting it for 9 to 18 months while I fix my credit and am able to buy it?"   This is just a "ploy" and time saver.  If they say yes it mainly says the seller is open to a creative solution and are motivated.  This is when you meet at the house and go over why they are having problems selling.....   And offer "would it be a help to you if I took over paying your mortgage allowing you to move on with your life?" ... bla bla bla.   This is where the youtube videos fill in the blanks...  :)

I like Joe Crump's videos on subject to.  And Joe McCall too. 

Originally posted by @Daniel Infante :


What are best ways to get leads for "subject to" purchases. Would it just be DMM? If so, what specific groups would you target and how would you word your message? Are there any other methods you could use?

Any advice or new perspectives would be greatly appreciated! Love this BP network!

Sub2 isn't the route you want to go down man. Take a look at this thread before getting to deep into that game. "Subject To" Real Estate Investing is Slimy. Prove me Wrong.

@James Wise and others.  Real estate dealing has always had the potential for taking advantage or doing good.  No deal type is imune to scenarios on both sides.   Rent to own, Contract for Deed have been abused and in my experience more so then Subject To.  In my experience, so please don't accuse me of white washing subject to in general given how I prefaced this comment, in my experience I have never seen a Subject to seller taken advantage of.  Of the deals I've done, seen others do, the seller asked to be helped.  Most of the sellers where going to loose their home anyway, others where mad as heck at the past renters (often family) and didn't care about the house or mortgage.

Not going to list the good things that buying sub to does for the seller, but at the least their credit is being improved via on time payments  of their mortgage.  Every seller that I've been whitness to had few on-time payments.

My point with replying is not to again white wash sub to as a deal type or all investors that do them are saints, but to again say that all deal types can be abused or offer high value to the participants.   Its ones own morals and belief system that crafts deals that go one way or the other.

I've seen lots of harm to deal participants in the rent to own;  tenant buyer area!!   This is like labeling all wholesalers as bad people, all rent to own sellers as bad...   Not true!   

-- My own experience and opinions -- 

I stayed out of that other sub to thread.  I saw there was no helping and much much bigger names then I were stepping in like Jay H etc.  One would need to read the entire thread and not just the subject.

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