Investor House Hack-Student Rentals

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I am wondering how to structure the equity/ cash flow/returns on this deal: SFH 4 BR or 4 plex

I am providing all the upfront money (DP, rehab, etc costs)

My 'partner' is going to be living in the property in order to obtain an owner occupied loan at a loan DP.

The 'partner' will also be finding/managing the tenants

Simply, it would be a house hack for my partner except I am providing all the initial funding.

Initially I was going to offer free rent (if the partner shared a room), and 5% equity? Thoughts?!

@Derek Diamond

Thanks for your reply. The main reason for this partnership is the lack of capital to get into another deal while staying in our local city of Phx basically I am sacrificing monthly CF to lower my entry point from 25% dp to 5%dp.

I am currently looking at NC to do long distance BRRRR as well