What's the best way to approach FSBO about renating out property

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Learn how to Masterlease rentals from the current owner and then sublease to your tenants. This allows you to control a cash flowing property without ownership .  If you want to own it in the future ,  negotiate an Option to purchase it at a future date. I have found that if you do a good job up front ,  the seller is more likely to finance your purchase when you exercise your opinion . 

@Derek Dombeck approaching when and tell if the that I plan on leasing it should not be a problem I hope will I need any money down and what's the best way to find motivated home owners like that

You may not need any money down depending how you structure the deal. Finding tired landlords or people who want to get out of their property but don't want to sell outright because of the taxes they would have to pay are 2 of my favorite targets .  My friend David Tillney is the best teacher of this strategy that I know of. Look him up at cashflowdepot.com.