How people get No Money Down Investments?

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Everyone always asks the question... especially new investors.

I think there is a huge void on this information and how to do it correctly! And safely!!! I was able to become financially free off of using no money and low money down strategies. That is why I have brought the discussion to a podcast.

BP world, you have helped me since I started this game 4 years ago. I have met a ton of people and helped a lot too on this site alone. Its crazy how fast real estate snowballs, 4 years is not a long time! Asking for your support and advice on my podcast. Its called “No Money Down Real Estate Investing” on Spotify and iTunes. I bring on guests weekly to discuss their deals and how they have become so successful using these strategies. I am very proud of it and any insight would be much valuable.

I started the podcast because I love meeting people and talking about real estate. I also wanted to help people who do not have a lot of capital but are looking for a way out of the rat race. I have been there! Working for a big 4 firm, 120k in student debt, and barely anything to save.

I am seriously looking for advice and looking to meet people with good input. Maybe I can even schedule a guest out of this!

I live for creative deal structuring and almost never use my own money to fund deals. I've been in this business through good and bad since 2003. If you want to talk, reach out to me.

Cross collateral is the easiest way to get a situation into NMD.  Outside of that, those days are gone.  Most people will want to become an agent to save up some cash from sales or wholesale deals.