Any investors from Fairfield county, CT. Please give your input.

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Probably goes without saying but make sure you get a good deal. Otherwise it will be hard to cash flow due to the higher prices and taxes. Any cities specifically you're looking to invest in?

Those are good areas as you'll see lower property taxes than you will in lower FfC. I don't much about renting in the Bethel area, but in Danbury if you screen your tenants thoroughly you should be able to do well!


@Sri Popuri I'd say your question is a little broad. Fairfield County and especially high rental cities like Danbury and Bridgeport (my current market) have micro markets. So it's not possible to answer you're question definitely. I will say I find in Bridgeport not all properties quite meet the 1% rule due to higher purchase prices and property taxes for MFH. However that doesn't mean they don't cash flow well. Take the time to become an expert in your market and you'll have certain success!

I started investing in Danbury in 2018 and it's gone well so far. There's definitely rental demand, but like others said, you have to understand the micro markets and do proper screening for your tenants. 

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Thanks for your response.

Is 1% rule good to analyze a deal for positive cash flow in CT!

You can still do better than the 1% rule in much of Hartford county. I'm not as familiar with Fairfield, but if you aren't seeing 1% deals, go north!