Master Lease (not Option) Class?

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Hi does anyone have a recommendation for where to learn Master Leasing (not option) on a property? Prefer to find a live class, although I understand an online class/webinar is more common now during this COVID time.  Wanting to implement Master Lease on Mutli-Family and possibly commercial property. 

Call a broker and have them explain it probably the best way.

However, it'd help if you can explain why a master lease is desired - It'll affect how your write it.  Some usual reasons:

1) Low/no down

2) Control of the property and ability to expense almost everything (assuming lessor does CapEx)

3) Predictability of expenses (depending on how the ML is written)

4) Ability to buy property on the back end (which is why I'd include an option) without tax consequences of a sale for the lessor.