Beginner Strategies and Criteria

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Good day BiggerPockets,

I am fairly new to Real Estate investing and I was wondering if anyone can help me with understanding how to choose a strategy and what criterias I should be looking for in my investment properties.

I am interested in buying and holding multi family properties, building equity while creating positive cash flow.

How do I decide on what my criteria should be for the properties I am trying to purchase and how do I decide on the kind of financial strategy to rub with.

All and any help would be awesome:)

@Zevi Katz

Maybe look at houses on the MLS to find the type of peoperties you want, dont want, can afford now, would like to afford someday and those you wouldnt give to your worst enemy. Analyse some of the ones you can afford to see how the numbers look and do the same with the onea you dont want. Figure out what works for you and then maybe the directuon you need to go will reveal itself.