SFR includes a Boat!!!

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So I've come across a potential deal that sits on a river. Assuming I can get the deal at a good price where cash flow makes sense... how would throwing a small boat in to the deal improve or reduce my marketing?

The idea is to BRRRR the property and then to offer seller financing on the boat (to the tenant) while they rent. So the boat is really being sold and I would have to bother with its maintenance. But I would be able to charge a higher rental price because they're getting a boat and thier own dock.


I would be shocked if that added any value to a rental. Boats are like motorcycles, they're all different. A sport bike one person may love, but he wants a cruiser your sport bike is worthless to him. You might find one guy that wants that specific boat, but I think the vast majority (if they even want a boat) would have their own or want to choose their own. Why are you trying to add the boat, do you have one you're trying to get rid of? 

@Bill Ward   No.  No boat that I am trying to get rid of anyway.  I like your analogy of boats being like motorcycles; however, that more applies to boats over 12ft length.  Smaller boats are more like kid's bicycles, there's many variations, but they all pretty much do the same thing and they're there just to prep someone for a bigger boat.  While, a large boat probably isn't the way to go, I was wondering if a small boat (think pedal boat small) would at the least, give me a unique marketing tool to generate traffic and minimize vacancy rates.