Residential Assisted Living

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@Al Boettger

Great to hear you’re jumping into the RAL. Texas has a lot of advantages including the fact that you can have 16 residents in one home! however do you have a good working relationship or personally know whoever the administrator will be? I would caution you that this is definitely not a hands off, able to be managed from afar type of business. hopefully you have vetted the administrators and managers very good, or at least they’re incentivized to make sure things run smoothly. I live and work in California but all my RAL homes are in Arizona but it’s only possible because I have direct partners on the ground out there. 

@Sendhil Krishnan thank you for your reply, I agree it needs to be in the “correct hands“. No, I have not gotten to the hiring point yet as far as an administrator, in fact I am presuming that I will also go for the test just so I have that license in my pocket as well should I ever need to be pressed into service. Perhaps going forward if I have any pointed questions about how you make it work, am wondering if I could connect with you? Either way thank you again for your words above.