Rent-to-rent, Let-to-let, getting my foot in the door of property

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Hi folks,

There's a property near me that's been on the market for ages, probably because the price is VERY high for the area. I've been thinking about approaching the owner for a possible rent-to-rent (or r2r, let-to-let, etc in Europe). The property is an old Christian Brother's home, so it's a bit of a warren and could be good for AirBNBs or short term lettings. The area I'm in is in high demand, so I don't think it'll be terribly difficult getting renters. 

What I CAN'T find is a copy of a rent2rent contract. Maybe because this type of transaction is so new? Can anyone point me in the direction of a free PDF or template? I would really appreciate it. I'd like to have a few of my ducks in a row before I approach them. 

Thanks so much!