Looking to Setup A Team In The Little Rock Region!

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Hello everybody, glad you stopped by. I'm looking to get my feet wet in the little rock region for some buy and holds, I'm hoping to find some recommendations on some good contractors in the area, inspection crews and property management teams that other investors in the area have had good results with.

I'm primarily a vacation rental investor, however, my market is over inflated right now so I'm looking to diversify some with out of state long term linear markets, ideally I'm looking to buy low, rehab and rent. So finding a good contractor and reliable inspection crew to back up everything in person will be critical, as well as some good agents in the area.

I hope to hear from the local investor suggestions, thanks everybody!

Oh and just to add, I'm not really looking to do a turnkey, I'm aware that system is much easier to get going for out-of-state, but I haven't found any that have deals that leave much of any returns for the end-investor, the only-way I'd consider a turn key is if they acted more like just a feet on the ground crew and looked over the contractor and property as it was going through the rehab and then eventually rental phase.

Hi, @Jake Miller .

Here are a few property managers you should contact.

Sally Goss at Goss Management

Betty Fletcher at Fletcher Property Management

Robby Jones at Real Property Management

They are very active in our local NARPM chapter.

Best wishes to you on your journey to real estate investing success!

Arkansas, sorry. I'm looking to diversify into some solid linear markets for long term passive income, seems like a solid spot for some brrr potential. Atleast from what I've heard it has a stable and diverse job market and doesn't see the vast ups and down of equity that some spots are frequently hit with, for example my local market.