Memphis or Little Rock BRRRR Realtors and Rehab Teams

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Good morning, All,

I'm looking to expand to the Memphis and or Little Rock area within the next few months. While I may go turnkey to start in the new market, I'd like to BRRRR as I become more familiar with the area. As such, I'll taking the next step and will be in Memphis next Friday, the 17th of August and Little Rock on Saturday the 18th.

I am curious to see if anyone can recommend a good investor friendly realtor in either market.  In addition, if anyone can recommend a contractor or two you have used for renovations that would be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to the input.


Austin Jones

@Hadar Orkibi

I agree that I need to find a value-added deal to complete the BRRRR. What I am thinking is one or the other, I know I can't do BRRRR with Turnkey, but am considering either BRRRR or a more conservative turnkey option.

Thanks for forwarding through your BRRRR article - the more I know the more I believe I want to utilize the BRRRR strategy. I'll PM you for the specifics on your contacts.

Thank you for once again helping me out as I get involved in this new market!


Central BBQ on Summer Ave. is great but if you want the full Memphis experience you need to visit The Rendezvous located at 52 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103