Rehab costs for typical things in LR

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I'm in contract for a couple of properties that require some rehabs and am trying to compile a range for typical costs - could someone who's done rehabs at local level help and suggest what you're seeing locally?

single story rancher, 1,300-1,800sqft

* Roof (low grade)

* Electrical panel (100-150amp) 

* Exterior paint 

* Siding (vinyl)

* Handyman type projects (hr)

Much appreciated!

Its Hard to answer your Question accurately @Avtandil G.   but:

Roof: $7000

Electric $2000

Paint $1500-$2000

Sidings could be anything from $5000 to maybe $9000 depending on the house size and if it needs gutters etc. 

Handyman often charge per Job.

If you end up buying the property pm me and i can connect you with few for the above.

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