Contractors in Conway/Russellville

6 Replies | Conway, Arkansas

I'm currently in the middle of a rehab in Russellville.  I'm wondering what contractors the BP community might recommend.  I have a GC that I've signed to do some work, but I'm always looking for more to add to my list!  Who do yall use?

Anyone who is reputable.  I'm pretty well set on my current project.  However, I am searching for my next one and would like to have recommendations of other investors.  Any and all are welcome.  GC, plumber, electrician, etc...

It's been two years, but I now have a good list of workers that I trust for various construction jobs!  Just wanted to make it known in case anyone is trying to get work done around Russellville.

Hi @Billy Daniel !  Now it's been even longer since your original post, and then your follow-up regarding reliable workers around Russellville!  That's why the BP community is so great.  Would you be able to please PM me to connect?  A few reliable workers for some construction work would be really helpful.  Thank you!