Highland Park, Los Angeles

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Hi folks,

I was hoping people could shed some light on Highland Park. There is a pretty interesting broadcast series about the area yorkandfig.com 

There are a few things I've heard from both residents and investors but I really don't know too much about it. In a nutshell I'm interested in differentiating prime areas vs areas seen as not as nice. Here are some of the things I've heard. 

  • You want to be north of York
  • A lot of the action is happening around Avenue 50, walking distance to Cafe de Leche and other fancy shops
  • Eagle Rock is the next Silver Lake of Highland Park
  • There is/has been gang activity but the injunction has calmed things down significantly

Can someone comment on any of the above topics, or provide other insights? Also, I'm interested in learning more about these areas specifically:

  • Areas south of York. 
  • Garvanza
  • Hermon
  • Eagle Rock
  • Streets with gang activity
  • Development along Figueroa or other noteworthy corridors


Hey Lee,

We just held an open house in Highland Park and it was an interesting experience. It's definitely an up-and-coming area with a lot of potential. There seems to be a lot of anti-gentrification and anti-development sentiment which concerns me a little. I also think that, as with other hot areas, the neighborhood can get ahead of itself sometimes in terms of pricing. There will be growing pains, but overall there's tons of potential on the eastside.

@Lee L. Hey Lee great breakdown/ notes.  Have you heard anything else I'd like to connect and hear about areas you're interested in investing.  I'm also into the NELA area (butI'm mainly in South Bay/ LB)

I did a pretty good rehab in Cypress Park across river from Frogtown (Elysian Valley).  It's on the southern border of Highland Park.

BTW I have been to Hermon  It's a cute little historic area with a lot of craftsman houses... these 1900-1920s houses often have a lot of foundation issues and the majority of the time require/recommend an earthquake retrofit for sale ($3500-6,000)

There's a cute park there on the Hermon park border that you walk under a bridge to get to.  I talked to some locals there and they said before it was a park there was just constant gang activity at this bridge.  Now after gentrification/revitalization it's now frequented by old school locals, hipsters, and yuppies

@Will F. Thank you for the insights on Hermon. That's funny you mention earthquake retrofitting there. I have a friend who has a house in Hermon and he got free retrofitting through the CA Brace and Bolt program, offered to select zip codes.

I'd definitely be up for seeing some properties in NELA together sometime soon. 

I've renovated many homes in the Highland Park area and while I think the margins have narrowed because you have so many flippers jumping into the game I think there is still opportunity. I am closing escrow on a home in the Hermon area shortly and am still a believer in the area!