CA rules against contacting owner in pre-foreclosure?

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I saw a pre-foreclosure property in South Bay. Called the Foreclosure Trustee/Attorney and verified that it is going to auction in November.

I've found the owner's telephone number. Is it illegal for me to contact the owner? Also, this is my first time doing pre-foreclosure (or actually my first time buying a home). What can go wrong in this process? 

  • Am I responsible for back HOA or property taxes?
  • Is the home sold "as is"?
  • Am I buying the home from the owner and resuming his mortgage? If so, do I have to qualify for that mortgage?
  • Is there a "seller's remorse" rule in CA where the seller can reneg on the deal up to a certain point?
  • Would a regular real estate agent be able to help me? How much would it cost? 
  • If your recommendation is to hire a foreclosure expert, do you have any recommendations for South Bay area? (San Pedro)
  • How much can I expect to knock off on the price?

Is there anything else I'm missing in terms of what could go wrong?

Those questions depend on many factors. The first question is if the homeowner is open to selling. 

Other questions are does the home have equity or is it upside down and needing to go through a short sale? Does it have HOA delinquent dues? If the homeowner is open to selling, happy to help you structure a deal that makes the most sense for both of you.

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