Investing in Westchester California

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Any Los Angeles invesors familiar with this area? 

I recently expanded into this market and have been generating some great leads. Looking to expand my network with serious investors in the LA market.  

You should look up the school ratings for schools zoned for and check on the crime rates too. 

Great area. I would invest with my eyes closed. Near the beach, close to Playa Vista (new recently developed neighborhood, Google, Snapchat and others are relocating), close to Marina Del Layola university, Inglewood developments are on the way!..excellent area.. rent control is a downside

What is your goal with investing? If it's cash flow, it won't happen there. Long-term appreciation, maybe. I would argue Westchester already has a ton of popularity as a place to buy because of all the Google and Snapchat action in Playa del Rey and Playa Vista, so you aren't beating any crowds there or going to land shockingly cheap deals.

But, just depends on what you are looking for.

Agreed with Ali. It's too late to invest in Westchester. It's not Playa Vista nor Marina del Rey and prices are close to those areas.

When Google purchased and rented those ex Hughes lands, 5 years ago Westchester was a good buy.

Inglewood has more upside right now. 

As others mentioned, it depends on what you define as 'investing'. If you are a cash buyer and are looking for appreciation, then Westchester has some great potential. If you are using using a high amount of leverage, Westchester probably isn't the best place for you. 

If you are looking to flip their is some potential. Let us know what type of investing you plan to do and we can help.

@Jose S.

Westchester is a nice area . It was once a relatively affordable area .. similar to Culver City and Mar Vista but those days are long gone .

I just checked Redfin and looks like cheapest house is $800,000 most houses over $1 mill though .

You mentioned you recently expanded to the area and getting good leads . Are those leads from direct mail marketing ?

I'm sure if you find an undermarket deal you could wholesale or flip it for a nice market .

Thank you guys. I appreciate the responses. 

This specific lead came from word of mouth actually. 

The gentlemen I spoke to mentioned that his mother is living there alone at the moment. He is getting ready to put her in a full 24 hour care facilitly soon and asked me for assistance. He is somebody I consider a friend.

The house is almost paid off. It needs a little work but nothing too crazy. I did a quick search in the area and noticed the high prices. Its near LAX in a great location. 

I will see him tonight and I’ll get more information.  

Im thinking about a possible flip or wholesale here....

Thanks again for the feedback. 

I’ll continue to do my due dillegence. If anybody is interested in networking, pm your contact info. 


@Jose S.

Sounds like it could be promising , best of luck

@Jose S. , Please PM me if you have any deals as well!  

absolutely @Ramel Sherman I’ll send you a pm with my contact info as well. Thanks


Any recommendations on contractors in Los Angeles, near Weschester? I am looking to get quotes on a full rehab for this house. Thanks in advance


Curious if you moved forward with the house. Please let me know if there's anything in Westchester as well. We have been trying to find a house for ourselves. Wouldn't hurt to find an investment there either. 

@Rana Kaleel it really depends on what you're looking for in an investment that will determine if you will find anything there, are you looking for buy and hold income? buy and hold appreciation? or to flip? and how much profit you are willing to take with each method.

@Aaron K. the goal would be to flip. I think a 15% return would be ideal. Do you have any experience in that area? 

@Jose S. are you looking at buy & holds or flips? Let me know if you're looking at flips. My partner and I are actively sourcing SFR and MFH flips in the Culver City and surrounding areas - would be great to chat.

Originally posted by @Jose S. :

Any Los Angeles invesors familiar with this area? 

I recently expanded into this market and have been generating some great leads. Looking to expand my network with serious investors in the LA market.  


I live in this area and its amazing.

Just like the woman above me said, pick with your eyes closed. There is little to no crime over here and we're close to the beach. 

Thanks for the replies. I am looking to flip the property. The gentlemen is no rush to sell at the moment but has a situation. I see him on a weekly basis. If your interested in possibly connecting for this or future projects send me a dm with your contact. Thanks

@Chris Viglietta thanks for bumping the thread. 

I’ve been checking in every few weeks/months with the gentlemen.  Looking at the original date when i posted this thread, cant believe it’s been a year. I just received a call last night that he is ready to move it. 

I am meeting with him on Sunday & i’m planning on wholesaling. 

@Jose S. wow! Quite the process.

Feel free to PM your information if you want to talk real estate. I’m interested in 2-4 MF with a value add opportunity in C-/B areas owned by mom and pops in artsy LA areas 

Update: under contract 10/21.

After digging and doing some research last night, I realized that the house is 4.1 miles away from the new Rams stadium and Entertainment District that is currently under construction. The new stadium will be hosting the Super Bowl, college national championship as well as the 2028 olympics.

Great location...

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