Of all homes listed, what percentage do not sell?

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I am starting a real estate photography business and I'm trying to find one very specific statistic.  I would like to know of all homes listed, what percentage do not sell.

I'm sure there is an easy way to find this, but I spent a couple hours online searching and could not find this statistic.  I *don't* need any granularity, like condos vs. single family, or various reasons why the house didn't sell.  Just a percentage like 23% of homes did not sell in 2017.  

Anyone happen to know this off the top of their heads, or know where I can go to get it?  I don't have any memberships anywhere yet (bootstrapping this business so watching my pennies), so public info would be preferable.  

Thanks for any help.

- Darrin

It depends on what you mean by did not sell.  There are many homes that are listed and then shortly delisted because someone changed their mind or with short sales especially the bank determined the list price to be too low.  Of homes that someone puts up for sale they generally follow through with the sale even if they have to lower the price.  I think a better statistic may be looking at properties that have sat on the market for 60+ days especially if your target market is CA and determine the cause of them not selling (9 times out of 10 the price is too high) but target your services to that group of properties.

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