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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on neighborhoods in Torrance. We are looking to move there and purchase a property that we can live in for a few years before turning it into a rental. Which areas are desirable in terms of the rental market? Our current investment strategy is long term buy and hold. Our budget is about million and we are only looking at areas that are safe for a young family to live in. My husband will be working at UCLA harbor which has narrowed our search down to Torrance and Long Beach. We are not familiar with the area and any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Hi Ash, welcome! If I were you, with the budget flexibility, I would be looking at North Torrance (as west as possible), Old Torrance, Walteria, Hollywood Riviera, or West Torrance. I'd probably look elsewhere from Harbor Gateway or County Strip. It depends though, what kind of investment are you thinking about? Single family, multi-family, commercial (5+ units)? If you're looking for areas good for a young family, I'd look elementary and middle schools as well. Consider what's most important to you... popular areas to rent, better chances to appreciate, security, and if you're living in the property where your family will be happiest. All these factors will influence where to look and what property is best to fit your strategy. I just sent you a PM. Good luck!

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