Wholesalers, Agents & Investors - How are you finding your deals?

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How are you finding your deals? I expect most people to say networking, but let's see what's working in this market.

  • Networking
  • Calling
  • Doorknocking
  • Postcards
  • Social Media

Personally I cut back on my mailers and I'm mainly going direct to seller with door knocking and calling.  What's working for you?

@Nabil Suleiman - I like it. Do you have any examples of creative deals you structured? I'm always curious as to how other's structure deals.

I was just involved in a deal where we negotiated a $2.65M house down to $2.15 and it was listed on market. We will re-list it at a VERY conservative $3.3M.

@Renee Harris - I farm so that's a big part of my door knocking. I always knock myself and I bring flyers and have a plan. It really depends on what kind of business you are going after. I also knock NODs and expireds. I don't have anything for NODs but do for expireds. If the expired is in my farm then I'll drop off my pre-listing packet. Early evenings is a good time. Lots of people are home between 4-7.

I am an investor and get deals from trustee sales and my network of awesome agents in Los Angeles. I am always hungry for more deals so happy to add any of you guys to my network. I have been at it for 12+ years and have flipped over 500 homes. Email me to connect.

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