Best places to list a rental property?

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I am listing my single family rental, recently renovated, located in Gardena. We are pricing it in line with what's in the market for the area. What are the best places to list a home rental? I know Zillow and Trulia, and obviously Craigslist (which is not great), but anything else I am missing? 

If you list it through Zillow Rental Manager, it will allow you to list on Trulia and HotPads as well.  You can also have another option to manually list the content on Craigslist.  I found Zillow, Trulia to have the most hits with the best applicants.  But you never know, depending the target renters, HotPads and Craigslist might be good.  I do agree that Craigslist is a lot more work.  It is too free form and applicants have too many questions.  Unless you provide them with a standard process, you'll end up having too many email conversations.

Zillow (Trulia, Hotpads) 


That will cover the big three that give the most hits. There are countless other rental websites but I wouldn't bother with any of them. 

Hi Shiva! I would recommend utilizing the free landlord software out there that will perform market syndication for you. This means your property listing will be posted to all of the major listing sites with one click. If you need a recommendation, feel free to PM. Best of luck in finding a tenant!

Anecdotally, I've heard that local Facebook marketplace groups are an increasingly successful channel. Of course, this is in addition to everything else that everyone has mentioned. 

I wouldn't forget about facebook housing groups. I myself have looked for places to rent through this medium.

Here is one of the popular ones: