Seeking lawyer for nontraditional eviction in rent controlled apt

2 Replies | Los Angeles County, California

Looking for eviction attorney recommendations in Los Angeles, who knows the nuances of rent control and represent landlords. My case isn't straightforward.

I have talked to multiple eviction attorneys in LA and most of them are factories, and churn through the traditional 'tenant not paying their rent on time' cases. They make their money on volume.

I currently have a case where the tenant is renting 1 room in a 2 bedroom apartment but has taken over both bedrooms. So she is illegally occupying the 2nd bedroom. She has ignored multiple asks and notices to vacate that 2nd bedroom, and now I need an attorney to pursue this.

This is a nontraditional case so if you have any referrals for eviction attorneys who are not factories and can take the time on a more nuanced case, please let me know.

Thank you!

I'm currently going through a rent control eviction in LA and my lawyer is Barbara Craig in San Pedro - she's great. Granted, I do not know if you have grounds to evict unless you have a lease or some form of documentation showing that the tenant agreed to only occupy one bedroom in one unit but talk to Barbara. Hopefully she can provide some guidance.