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I’ve had an issue with a squatter breaking into a vacant rental in LA (near USC).  Can anyone recommend a semi-affordable security armed response service that would be able to respond quickly?  The LAPD has been less than helpful.  

Or any other ideas that anyone who has had vacant homes in South LA, flips, rentals, etc has used to protect the property?  Thanks

Armed security full time at a single home can be quite expensive. We used a company for a few months at a 14 unit vacant apartment and even divided over the 14 units, it was costly. 

I recommend a camera system with a motion detector food light and if the situation calls for it, perhaps some temporary construction fencing to help reduce the invitation in. You can monitor the camera system and flood light triggers similar to or the same as a Ring system and of course make sure windows and doors are fully secured.

I would also talk to the neighbors on each side and across he street letting them know that under no circumstances should anyone be there on the property outside of X hours of the day and to call you or the police if they see anything.

Get simplisafe + ring floodlight cameras. Where is your property located near USC? We're by USC as well and the senior lead police officer (Off. Salazar) for our area is pretty good. Reach out to your area senior lead officer and explain the situation and ask if theyll do some drive-by checkups on the property. 

What are the points of entry? I would board up all the windows/doors except the front door. 

Thanks for the replies everyone.  I opted for a camera system plus motion detectors inside with a private security response.  Not the cheapest, but should be a faster response time.  Boarding up isn’t really an option as that would have a major negative impact on rentability.

Hey @Chris Modzeleski Instead of boarding up the windows, install the decorative window bars to prevent the crazies from breaking into your property. We've seen some unique ones at Home Depot closer to Angels Vista. 

Hi KJ, I thought about that, but I think they were picking the lock.  I found a bag of locks inside the house as well as a Home Depot receipt for a deadbolt.  I showed that to the police but they didn’t really seem to care.

@Chris Modzeleski , @KJ L. nailed it. We had a vacant building in Compton that we were attempting to sell after foreclosing. We placed RING cameras with floodlights around the exterior because we were having problems with transients breaking in. After a few incidents, during which we used the two-way speaker system to warn them, the issues went away. Definitely the most economical and effective way.

@Chris Modzeleski Hey Chris, are the crazy squatters gone for good now? I saw your video on Ring and based on their violent behavior, it seems like they shouldve been locked up for threats and damaging property. Hopefully, they're gone for good. 

@Thomas Meyer   I would like to do a more cost effective solution like that next time I have a vacancy, but these people were so determined I'm not sure if that would be adequate.


@KJ L.   They are, thankfully.  As far as I know they haven't come back since that video, and the new tenants have been in the home for a couple weeks now.  Hopefully they are gone for good.  I agree, the police should have arrested her, but they just gave her a warning. Not going to get all rant-y, but I'm sure this has something to do with the current political climate vis-à-vis the police being overly cautious, activist groups, etc.