Referral Appreciated: Accountant with RE experience in LA

6 Replies | Los Angeles County, California

Hey BP,

My business partner and I are Los Angeles based and looking for a new ACCOUNTANT with real estate experience. We are both Real Estate agents in LA who are hoping to find someone to advise and help us and our clients.

Ideally someone who has experience working with real estate investors and can help them take advantage of depreciation, cost segregation, tax planning, and other tax benefits. 

This person will not only be helping us as we grow our portfolio but we will happily refer them to our clients who also purchase investment properties.  

Thank you in advance!


@Aaron Bernbach I'd check out @Amanda Han and her husband Matt MacFarland at Keystone CPA. That's who we use. Amanda has been a guest on the BP podcast, Bruce Norris podcast and they primarily focus on accounting for real estate investors.