Attorney for Partnership Agreement Review

2 Replies | Los Angeles County, California

Hi! I'm a first-time investor and I'm about to enter my first partnership for a fixer where I would be investing the money and my partner would be the one doing the management of the project. My future partner sent me a contract he has used on other occasions with investors, he seems reliable and has a great reputation, but I would still like to consult each clause with an attorney, accountant, or experienced investor with deep knowledge and experience in Real Estate Investing Partnerships. Any recommendations you could share would be truly appreciated, thanks!!  

Hi Cataina. I'm an attorney and local  investor here in Los Angeles. I do not specialize in this area of law, but am happy to send over the name of an attorney whom I know and greatly trust, to review things and offer advise.  Feel free to message me / add as colleague and will send the information.