Quality Home Inspector for SFH's in Oceanside, California

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Hello BP! 

I'm currently house-hunting for a SFH (as a primary residence as well as an investment (rent out rooms)) in 92057 (Oceanside, CA), and think I finally landed on the one I want to move on! I just submitted the offer and it's looking promising... But I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row here ahead of time. With that being said, does anyone have any great recommendations for a quality home inspector as well as an appraiser?

Also- should I do more than one inspection? (i.e. the one my realtor recommends as well as another one on top of that)?  Any and all advice is much appreciated- and thank you very much for taking the time to help out. 

If you get a good home inspector you would be wasting your money paying for a second home inspection.  However, the good home inspector may recommend you bring in experts to further analyze potential issues identified such as a foundation contractor, roofer, electrician, etc.

I have a good one (not the cheapest) but I am unsure if he goes all the way to Oceanside.  You can PM if you want his name. 

Good luck

Thanks for the reply, Dan.  I'll stick with just one then. 

Hey @Jimmy Watson

John Robinson's Inspection Group is AWESOME for SFR inspections. Their prices for 3+ units are rather overpriced, at least in my opinion, but they are my go to for 1-2 units. Very knowledgeable and thorough.

 Shoot me a PM if you'd like me to pass along their contact info.

Good luck!

Thanks @Kevin Fox !  When the time gets closer, I'll be sure to PM you.  Just got my first offer beat out by a multiple offer situation.  Oh well, there's always another deal to be made.

@Jimmy Watson


Let me know if you'd like my assistance on that front as well. Happy to help with the property identification/deal analysis!

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