Recommended title company or attorney?

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Hello all!

You've all been super helpful so far. I've got 58 days to make my first wholesale deal happen so I need to get my team together quickly.

Can anyone recommend a REI-friendly title company or RE attorney in the San Diego area?

The sooner I can connect with one and get the low-down-dirty details about what they'll need to facilitate a transaction, the better. Thanks in advance!


Through some more searching on the almighty Google, I found someone that mentioned Legends Escrow Services (

Have any of you heard of or worked with them?

I don't know about Legends escrow but I can tell you that Chicago Title (title rep Fred Eckerts) is very REI friendly. And I believe Allison McCloskey in Pacific Beach is about the most versatile escrow company in San Diego. Good luck!

@Dean Carlson The front page of Legends Escrow has the logo for Chicago Title in the header. I'm assuming this means they are aligned with each other or possibly operate under the same umbrella company? 

I will also touch base with Allison McCloskey as well. Thanks for the quick response!

I noticed that also and I believe you will see Chicago Title linked with many other escrow companies as well.  Chicago is pretty big and a lot of escrow companies are happy to be aligned with them.  I am pretty certain that Chicago is fine with it as well, even though they are aligned with pretty much any other escrow that will endorse them.  Initially you asked for a recommendation for Title, that was my intent, but when I saw Legends (whom I don't know about either way), I thought I should go ahead and throw in an escrow company also.  If for no other reason than to point out that Chicago title and any other escrow are not the same thing.  Good luck.

I have not done any deals with them but I believe, I heard some good things, from legends escrow

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