Seeking fix and flip investor help

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My wife and I would love to see if somebody would be willing to let us look over their shoulder on a fix n flip project in the northern San Diego Area. We would not get in your way and we would not ask questions if you preferred. We are awesome people to get a long with, we’ll bring the coffee and doughnuts! we’re just trying to get a feel for fixing up and rehabbing properties! Any takers any one !?!? 🤘😁 will also help with whatever you need!

Try doing a search for a BP meetup. I think there's one in San Diego area. Good luck. 

There are two groups you could try: North San Diego Count Real Estate Investors group (NSDREI). They meet at El Camino CC in O’side and the San Diego Investment Club (SDIC). They meet at the Hilton in Del Mar. 

Join the San Diego Creative Investors Association (SDCIA), we meet the second Tuesday of every month at the Scottish Rite Event Center in Mission Valley. There is a gal there that runs monthly field trips to active flips.

Gabriel, I done this before, mentored others in fix and flips. Hold the will be perfect! Currently I dont have a project, just keep me in mind

@Gabriel D. Zapata I love your approach in "learning by doing." I don't do fix and flips but in addition to the meetups/REIA clubs already mentioned, I would google search fix and flip companies here in San Diego and contact them to see if you can tag along. CTE Homes is here in San Diego and normally has multiple flips in the works. Best of luck.

Thank you everybody for the awesome advice I really appreciate it! I have been attending my local REI club and then I just found out about Lenska's field trips not to long ago so I will be attending the one In January!

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