Options in selling condo

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Hi everyone,

I'll be relocating from San Diego to Los Angeles soon, and am looking to sell my San Diego condo, seeing what the best options for me would be.

I'm licensed, but have never worked as an agent, so don't know how to handle the paperwork, etc. I'm thinking about finding a broker who will allow me hang my license for this one transaction, without having to spend money on NAR/CAR fees.

My other options would be FSBO with a lawyer/TC or something like redfin.

What do you think would be the best course of action here?

Thank you!

@Wayne Brooks is right, no broker would allow you to hang your license without membership of state and local organizations, E&O insurance etc. Not knowing how to do the paperwork can cost more than the commission your trying to save, winter is coming and you don't want to become some frustrated summer buyers deal. I know a good San Diego agent if you need further direction feel free to reach out.

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A real estate broker is responsible for transactions for five years or more, depending on the state.  And, even if you could find a broker to "hang your license with," you'll pay about $1800 to $2000 in fees to associations plus desk fees with the broker plus the split on commissions so this is a whole lot of not good. And, a broker/firm is not going to do the contract/paperwork for you.  Realtors are sole proprietors - and they carry their own load. 

Consider selling it to an ibuyer - or as a FSBO with an attorney handing the contract (not a cheap date). In these scenarios, you'll most likely sell for less and net the same or slightly less than if you hired a realtor, paid a slightly lower commission, and just got it done.

Congrats on your relocation...do the math before you make a decision that may mean a longer time on market and less net gain.

Consider a flat fee MLS listing (~$100) and a TC to help you with the paperwork (~$400), Total cost is ~$500. You'll get the same exposure as other listings and all the C.A.R. forms, without the costs and legwork. Feel free to reach out if you have further questions.