Contractor recommendations in San Jose?

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Looking to see if anyone has good contractor recommendations in San Jose, CA.  I'm interested in General Contractors (major remodel) and good subcontractors (paint, woodwork, roofing, windows, etc)

Hello Jill: I recently posted a similar post with no luck. I am an active investor in So Cal but recently purchased two homes in south san jose. Any luck with contractors? I will be visiting HD Supply home solutions as they have a contractors board where LC drop off biz cards. 

Hi @Jill J. !  Were you able to find someone worthy of a reference?  

no. disappointed. not one referral. not sure if that means no one is actually active on these boards or what.

you will never get great referrals.  think about it...  they are so hard to find and someone will just willingly give you out the contract info ? like setting up a date for your spouse.  I have given this example countless times on here. 

No referrals here either.  I am usually happy to share when I find a good one though.


 know a contractor for the San Jose area. You can PM me if you like.

Kind regards,


Hi All,

I have a contractor I am happy with for the properties that I manage.  Not the cheapest but does great quality work and communicates great.  Please PM me for their info.



Try asking your neighbors on

All I can tell you is they are hard to find here.

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