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I know San Jose and the bay area is a hot market right now and very high priced. So my question is, is there still investors buying houses and flipping them specifically in Santa Clara County? Thank you!

@Brandon Lariz ,

What prompted you to ask this question? Based on my experience, I believe you won't get many responses from this kind of post. In any market and during any part of the market cycle, there will always be investors who buy and flip. Not sure if you attended J. Martin's Summit a couple of weeks ago in Oakland. There were many investors from the Bay Area as well as nationwide who were there to share what they do.

You can find Jason Buzi from San Mateo on Facebook where he shares what he does and makes 7 figures a year. He was one of the presenters at the Summit. @Jeff Pollack is a local Bay Area investor/flipper. I've seen Jeff flips houses from Cupertino to Walnut Creek. Jeff also hosts a monthly meet-up at Harry Hofbrau in West San Jose if you're interested in attending and potentially learning something from some veterans there. 

Good luck.

People are willing to bid any price to get into a home. The opportunity is great for those who have the means and guts to do. This is always risk associated from overpaying.

There is always a deal somewhere. A lot depend on the circumstances of the seller. If the seller is in a rush to sell or has other circumstances (divorce, relocation, family changes) etc, they are motivated to sell at a better price. That said deals are very few and far in between but they are still there.

Hey Brandon, as with most of the Bay Area, things get pretty inflated in Santa Clara. That said, there are tons of people doing deals, especially off the market.

Your best bet to find a deal is to get something that is at a discount and not publicly listed. Whether that’s you networking with agents and wholesalers, or actually going out and sending mail or doorknocking.

The Bay Area isn’t like most markets, but that also means that the opportunities that you DO find are that much bigger. Let me know if I can help!

I’m interested in doing some meet ups in the San Jose area to meet any rehabbers/investors/wholesalers I’m up to learning anything new

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