Almaden, Pleasanton or Fremont Mission

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I am looking to buy a single family home in Almaden or Fremont Mission in the 1.7-2.1m range. Which place do you think has a better potential for appreciation? And what are your thoughts on Pleasanton? Thanks in advance!

Surprised no one has chimed in yet... my money is on Almaden bc the school district is better here and in general less new development compared to around Fremont/Newark @Rohan Desai , limiting the supply side of the equation. If Netflix keeps growing and build a mega campus that's really going to lift the tide as well. Only time will tell ;-)

My opinion is in Almaden the homes are newer Leland is  rating 10. This is not to state Misssion San Jose is not as good. They are just older. I-85 west is congested during rush hours. But it will not stay this forever.

Sam Shueh

Campbell, CA

I believe historically Almaden always has had higher prices than Fremont. Up until recently, Fremont has not seen this kind of appreciation. In terms of schools, when you get to the top couple Bay Area high schools, it’s difficult to measure the difference in quality of education. Honestly it’s up to how much you put into your education to what you get out of it. 

If you are looking for appreciation, checkout the Mountain View Area, I believe you could still get in for this price range, and the schools are good, but not often considered to be part of the top Bay Area high schools. You may also want to consider west San Jose - homestead, Lynbrook or monta vista.

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To paraphrase an old saying: Go South young man. With all of the tech moving into downtown San Jose, Google, Facebook, Samsung etc South San Jose, Almaden, Blossom Valley are seeing great appreciation. However, Almaden is the most expensive part of this area so you will not get as much as you think you will for this price. Fremont is also seeing excellent appreciation with Facebook leasing about 90,000 sq ft of office space near the Dumbarton Bridge. However, they are leasing, it is not a purchase like the San Jose purchase. If they have to consolidate the lease will be the first thing to go. Also none of the other tech companies are there yet. Pleasanton is beautiful and you can get more land there, but it is kind of out of the way with no Bart and crowded freeways so I don't think the appreciation will be as great unless some companies decide to expand there which as far as I know is not currently in the works.

Rohan, is this for your primary residence? Contrary to what Marcy Moyer stated, Pleasanton is not out of the way and not only is BART in Pleasanton....there are TWO BART stations in Pleasanton making it much less “out of the way” than Almaden. Of course, that depends on where you need to go. Pleasanton also has very highly rated schools. Not just a pocket of good schools, but all public schools in Pleasanton are excellent. 

I’m from Mountain View, lived there most of my life, however I attended a Cupertino High School. (My choosing), and went to SJSU. I’ve now lived in the Pleasanton/Tri-Valley since 2006, but still work and own rental property in MV. My husband was a Fremont police officer for 30 years, now retired. I know these areas well. 

I’m a Realtor if you want to chat more about area specifics, send me a private message.

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