Need remodel/addition advice and estimate for Santa Clara County

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Hi, First time home buyer here. We are in escrow for our primary SFH 3BR/2BTH 1100 sqft home, which is in original condition and looking for recommendations for expansion/remodel including

1) Looking for advice/recommendations for adding about 500 sq ft to add a new MBR suite with walking closed and full bath.I came to this 500 sqft figure, as I read that getting permits for something under 500sqft is easier and can be done over counter.

2) We also need to update existing 2 full bathrooms and do complete kitchen remodel

3)All cosmetics including new flooring, garage finish, new paint, knobs, switches etc.

    Looking for advice here how should I approach different people. Per my relator, we should start with Architect and get the drawings.

    1) Is it right approach. How much do reasonable architect charge for this kind of job.

    2)What money should I be looking to pay for this remodel and addition.

    3) How easy is to get permits with cover situation

    4) Any other advice to make this task smooth and efficient.

      Any referral for architecture firm to help with this job. Sorry I may have many questions coming up. Appreciate any inputs.


      everything below is labor cost only and from my personal experience within past 2-3mths in San Jose, CA

      • additions cost about $200-250/sqft.  remodel of existing space is $100-150/sqft

      • my small bath remodel no layout change is $4k

      • my large bath remodel with layout change is $8k

      • smaller kitchen remodel is $8k

      • my structural engineer did my arch drawings, structural calc, title24, submittal for around $6-7k

      permit in san jose will probably take 2-3mths depending on how good your submittal is.  every time you do a resubmittal, you'll have to wait 3wks again for review.

      i'll send you my structural engineer's contact later.

      so fun, keep in touch, good luck!

      Hi @Ashish Singhal congratulations on your new home purchase! @Yi Chung Chen has some amazing numbers and you should definitely connect with his contractor if they can do the job at that price!

      I'd suggest looking for a general contractor who will be able to do this job for you on your budget. They'll know what permits to pull and may have in-house architects or architects that they work with to help you with your addition. 

      Get referrals and get multiple bids. Contractors are currently backed up since they were locked down for 2 months during shelter in place and have a lot of work to do.

      Best of luck on your home remodel! 

      Thanks Guys!
      I would need additional piece of advice. We worked with an architect to expand existing rooms a little and add a full bath and move interior walls around for more closet space in all bedrooms.

      It’s adding only around 375 sqft to existing house. But when my architect did Point calculation for Santa Clara permit purposes, it comes to be 77. ( seems all walls that needs to be added / removed ) add up costing these points.

      He mentioned anything above 55 points is not considered remodel instead rebuild, which has a long/different permit process. This comes as surprise to me.

      Appreciate your advice on this. Should I keep most interior same and just add room outside to be within limits? Appreciate any hands on experience/advice on this with Santa Clara County.