Being Satisfied.

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So what if you're satisfied with what you have? You're not dying to be the next Donald Trump? You have enough units to make life comfortable, and they're not a burden? You have other interests in life, not just RE, RE, RE...?

I don't know, that's where I feel I am right now. I've enough to help out, but not so much to be a burden. I realize the number of units varies for each individual, but I think you know what I mean.

Anyone else not interested in chasing the RE carrot that's tied to the stick on your head?

IMO, being satisfied is one of the biggest keys to happiness. If you've reached a place in your life where you can go "hey, this is nice- this works for me" then you've achieved something that many people never will, even though they keep chasing and chasing.

Also, being satisfied doesn't mean you'll automatically stop growing (in real estate or otherwise). Sometimes the best things fall in your lap when you stop looking for them.

Yes, I'm always satisfied and rarely ask others as they usually comment on their own about a situation or expectations. As to finding the end, I'm retired, I gave up the carrot long ago, it became the game not the instant reward so much. Jean put it very well, when you reach a point that you know you have accomplished more than most others just enjoy the moment or live with that reality. :)

Being satisfied I usually something governed by ones character. Some people naturally settle easier that others. Other have a huge motivation to be Donald Trump and some enjoy the journey. IMHO when someone is not satified you are usually stubborn, spoiled, forgetful and ungreatful.

Why do I say this, because if you're were brought up spoiled you usually do not carry a certain humbleness and appreciation as one how grow up with nothing has, it is natural for you to be "better than".

Forgetful, you have lived so comfortable for so long that you have forgot about the times that you did not have nothing and you forgot about the times you prayed to be were you are now. and now that your there it is not enough and you want to be else were but else were can alway become the bottom again.

Ungreatful, is just a view of those who embody the idea of being spoiled and forgetful. Always be greatful for what you have because there are others who wish they were, where you are today.

But if that is not the case and you just like to strive and push a bit more then that is ok of coarse. Just find what it is that will fill that void. Maybe starting a new business selling cars. Or giving back maybe couching someone and teaching/ mentoring them to get to were you are.

Me personally I started in a tech high school studing Carpentry and did that for a while after high school, worked in the record labels in NYC, club promotion, car sales, medical, insurance, etc... and did a full circle to what I love... something about treading through over grown, vacant, smelly, flee infested, houses has a very theraputic effect on me.

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