entrepreneurial mind -A blessing or a curse?

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I've been told before by other entrepreneurs that it is the curse.... I've always defended it as a blessing. But today....I may agree with the curse theory.... Unfortunatly I cannot unplug my brain from constantly thinking business... I enjoy talking and sharing my thoughts with everyone really.... but this morning my husband gave me a real hard time telling me that all I think about is money and how to make more and that he is not interested... I explained to him that I've been this way since I was a child...really ever since I can remember....and although I try to control my desire to explore and analize and love business.....i just cannot. I also tryed to explain that it is not about the money....it is a feeling I cannot explain...I wonder, are there others out there with this problem? Should I find a Psicologist? 

Hi Ana, so, you're OCD..... what do you like to do that has nothing to do with making money? Nothing? Then find something! Keep on studying your money side and advance that area as your desires lead you, no, it's not about the money but the challenge.

Talking to others who are not consumed with thoughts of business needs to be more varied in topic, learn baseball or tennis, or music where you can shift gears automatically from the real passion to those of others.

If you look at my profile you'll see a very active entrepreneurial background, that's because I get bored easily. Even if some strategy or business is successful, it becomes less challenging and I'll meet that need by starting something else. But, while it is all related, you can't let what works falter or slide. Good time management helps.

You also need to network with like minded folks, drivers, shakers, thinkers that enjoy the game like yourself. You can do both, just recognize where the interests of others may be and go with the flow. Good luck :)

Thank you for making this post. I am the same way. My wife gets sick of hearing about it.

I have been this way as long as I can remember. Trying to figure out how to make a dollar.
I can talk about other things. The problem is I don't want to. Lol.
I read a article recently that said The wealthy never take a day off or a vacation from making money. There mind never stops. It might take breaks but never stops.

Thank you Bill.... I will try and manage my mind, LOL....and yes...I do also know about other topics....it's just that business makes it's way in every conversation.

Thomas O. I'm sooo glad I'm not alone and would love to hear from others with the same issue. We may all confort from hearing what we all go through. :)

shift gears. keep the passion ,however express a little of it, in adopting a new hobby/sport.You could also meditate

Hey, Ana!

Rest assured, there are plenty of people that feel the same way you do. I do not necessarily think that anything is "wrong" with you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk about your passion or study and learn more about it. Some couples don't share hobbies and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You just have to find balance. Balance that both of you are comfortable with. The world of real estate has so many different categories within it, that one can talk about it for DAYS and still not cover it all. 

I think that a solution would be to NOT give up your passion for business, but rather set limits for yourself. For example, no talking about business at the dinner table, no talking business on Sundays, etc. You'll find what parameters work for you and your family, but it is a great place to start. Meanwhile, while you're working on setting those parameters and getting used to them, you can use that time as an opportunity to further develop your interests in another hobby. 

@Ana Hyler

I am sadly the same way... I own small businesses and invest in real estate.. Not only does it take up all my time but it is my passion! I recently went on a date with a more artsy type lady and she was asking me "what do I do" and I couldn't come up with anything that didn't involve work.... well besides hanging and bars. I work out and read (but most of the books are business related lol) but besides that I have no hobbies. Now some would say I do not have a life but hey I'd rather be passionate about making money then all the other options out there.. I'll pick up other hobbies when I don't have to worry about money ever again (;

Although it has been a while since this post - sadly, I lost! A huge toll came due...marriage. Thanks for all the good advices, which I did try and implement... what I'm trying to focus on now is to make sure that the implementation of solutions come early next time around.

I am also focusing toward a more fulfilling way to run my business and finding a niche to give back!

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