What was the most inspiring book you've read?

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Bryan Hancock

Investor from Round Rock, Texas

Jul 10 '11, 07:21 PM

That is a great choice Jesse...I have recommended it on other threads several times.

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Mark D.

from Glendale, California

Jul 11 '11, 09:11 PM

"The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield

"Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins

"Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki

Brad B.

Contractor from Arcade, New York

Jul 12 '11, 07:53 AM

It's hard to pick just one.

For personal philosophy, I would put Rand's Big 3 way at the top of the list. (Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and Anthem).

For putting things into practice, probably one of the most influential books I read was The Goal by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

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