Sleep Poll: How much do you get?

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Originally posted by @Account Closed :

My colleagues and family think I'm crazy because of the lack of sleep I get, which is about three hours a night. For me, this is more then enough, however; I often see others on BP in the middle of the night, and was wondering how much sleep do you all get?

 Whats your caffiene intake like?

3-4 hours is about what I get.  I own a very stressful business.

This is why we are transitioning to REI full time. We know it is not stress free, just significantly less stressful than what we are doing now.

Nick, 3 hours is not enough at your age over time that is sleep deprivation, you may feel fine but your judgement won't be! A medical fact I know from the Army, no one is immune.

Check your diet and cut back on drinking if you drink beer or booze.

Take a sleep aid as prescribed and tapper off as you get use to sleeping better.

You should really mention this to your doctor, there can be other issues you're not aware of.

The older you get the less sleep required, I get 5 to 6 hours, I will also take an after lunch nap for just under an hour, but not always. I'm up early around 3 usually.

I don't run 25-30 miles a week like I use to, but you also need to get exercise, that will help your sleep as well.    

Pleasant dreams :)

I might get 6 hours for a few nights early in the week, then catch up with 8 at some point. It all depends on when I get to sleep since I'm usually up at 6am or earlier everyday.

@Account Closed

Do you feel yourself getting tired and then just resist the urge? 3-4 hours.. Are you napping? 

Originally posted by @Account Closed :
Originally posted by @Andrey Y.:
Originally posted by Account Closed:

My colleagues and family think I'm crazy because of the lack of sleep I get, which is about three hours a night. For me, this is more then enough, however; I often see others on BP in the middle of the night, and was wondering how much sleep do you all get?

 Whats your caffiene intake like?

 I think it has little to do with my caffeine intake and everything to do with my eagerness to start the day, crush the day and to be successful..

 I understand, but you just dodged the question. Ping some world class performers in their respective fields, and see how many hours of sleep per night they get ;)

being 31,  I need 9hr of sleep. everyone is different. I also like to nap (26 min) about noonish. I try go to bed about 10 and try to wake up naturally, meaning no alarms. ill wake up between 5am -730am... 

OMG, I went to bed around 4am and was at the mechanic by 9:15am this morning. During the week I don't get enough sleep but on the weekend I get in some make-up zees. Tis the season for it too...



When I owned my contracting biz in my 20's, stress would wake me up @ 3:00 and I would never get back asleep.  Keeping active all day long in the field would keep me awake.

Now that I have a well established business (Insurance), behind a desk, I find I can get away with 5-6 hours a night for a day or 2, then I can tell I don't think/function as clearly by the 3rd/4th day.

Ideally I like to just wake up naturally, which is usually 7-8 hours of sleep

@Account Closed Yes it's an app that tracks your sleep. I also works as a good alarm. It will gently start to wake you up prior to the programmed time as it senses you in a lighter sleep. I don't wake up banging an alarm clock and feeling groggy. I've been using it a couple of years and really enjoy it. 

I'm sure this was intended to be a light-hearted discussion and I apologize in advance for bringing it down.

I had/have an anxiety disorder for several years.  I say "had" because I seem to have kicked it.

What I had was officially named Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures.  Essentially, I was carrying so much stress around, my brain and body would sort of short circuit and I'd end up with a full on seizure - the whole enchilada with a crash to the floor and muscular spasms and contractions for anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes.  I went years with no diagnosis until I finally found a talented neurologist who correctly diagnosed it and sent me off to a psychiatrist for treatment.

I got a cocktail of meds which kept the seizures at bay effectively and included sleeping pills.  Because I hadn't really taken care of the stress in my life, I was still having occasional seizures, but nothing close to the the 3-6 per day that I had been having.  The meds were just keeping it all tamped down, under the surface.

One day, I called my psychiatrist for a refill of my sleeping pills and he told me no.  I was going through them much too quickly and he felt that I had developed a dependency on them.  He was probably right as I was supposed to be using them a couple of times per week, but I was actually taking 2-3 per night.  What really needed to be done was cut the stress out of my life.

I didn't though - I just kept right along with the same old stresses.  I had to get cancer before I listened.

About three years ago, it just so happened that my son had just gone off to college, so that was actually one less day to day stressor in my life.  I decided the shrink was right and I made some major changes in my life, including a divorce and - more recently - I parted ways with my employer.  My doctor helped wean me off the sleeping pills through a series of exercise, better diet, a reduction in alcohol and some natural sleep aids which include melatonin and Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea, of all things, which includes valerian, chamomile and other herbs that promote sleep.

For the first time in 15-20 years, I'm sleeping a full 7-8 hours a night, with no aid.  I take nothing at night except that I drink a cup of the tea about 10:00 every night.  When I was in my 30s, I felt like I was 80.  I'm now in my mid-40s and I have more energy, more clarity of thought and have more ambitions and more success than I ever have in my life.

Folks - I can't stress this enough.  Get enough sleep.  Fix the stressors in your life that are keeping you from sleeping.  In the long run, they aren't worth it. 

I've gotten 8-9 hours a sleep every night for the past 15 years.  I don't use caffeine past lunch.  I wake up every morning at 4:30 am and do my best thinking before lunch.

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