Announcing your REI Carrer at work

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I am listening to all BP Podcasts and every time guests and hosts stress out how you should tell everyone that you are a REI. I am really struggling with this one. I have a great job with great pay in an area that is nothing to do with real estate. I am not sure how professional it is to tell people at work that I am a REI. I have rental property and I am flipping several properties. I feel like if I tell somebody they will be thinking that instead of working I am doing my side business even thou I am not. So I am very torn on this one. How are you guys doing this, do you tell or not your co-workers about REI Business you are involved? Thanks

I have told my boss that I am investing in rental properties because at our age and our points in our career, I am not seeing jobs in our market for what we specialize in and when I do see them, companies are hiring younger and cheaper labor.

Our office lease is up in 5 years and there is a strong possibility the company may relocate our jobs to Atlanta. I have no interest in moving and I've expressed to him this is my backup plan. He understands. No issues for me.

Hi @Ed E. , thanks for your answer.

I started writing a blog here on BP and wanted to post the link on my Facebook and Linked IN, but then decided against it since many of my co-workers are on both sites. So I am not sure what to do. On one hand I want to share because I am proud of what I do, on the other, I want to keep my professional life separate from everything else.

@Angela Kriv , create a group of contacts on Facebook that contain your co-workers. When you post your link to your blog, website etc, you can choose to exclude that group from seeing the posts. 

@Angela Kriv

It really depends on your relationship with your managers, how secure is your job and how bad do you need it? 

I have even introduced mine to BP, and so far I'm still here! If a co-worker ask me about it, I will bring it up casually.  

Don't tell them unless they ask.

People are petty.

I tell my coworkers and boss about what I do in my private life in regards to rentals. Like if they ask what I did over the weekend, I say that I worked on my rental doing blah blah blah. Nobody cares or thinks anything of it. Soon I'll be telling them all about the rehab project I'm working. Granted, I work in construction so talking about the best insulation on the market, or how to install pocket doors is of interest. My boss related my real estate hobby to his mountain biking hobby, and how you don't have much time for any hobbies once you have kids.....

I've never announced it, and never would announce it; but I do talk about it a little as it is a part of who I am.

I was quite nervous to let the cat out of the bag that I was flipping properties and managing a rental unit of 24 units. Eventually, it came out and because I've been able to keep the two separate (my REI comes second to the job on working hours and getting the job done) I haven't had to deal with much pushback. I'm still hesitant of course and I don't go into much detail about how much I am working because I'm sure that regardless of what I say they will think its taking some time.

Luckily, one of my coworkers' father worked in rentals and understands. I think he sees it doesn't get in my way and I try my best not to let it. 

If you're going to mess around on company time, make sure it's for fantasy football. Otherwise, leave the REI at home wth the dog.

Thanks everyone. The thing is I am a key employee and work in IT therefore my time is very flexible, I am answering my work related questions at any time of the day including 2am at night, as well as vacation calls are very common therefore if I need to take a tenant call while I am at work should be ok, but it is a people's nature to think that person might be paying too much attention to his/her "other" job even if he /she  is not, so I decided to keep it private :)

Thanks everyone for an input.

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