Depression and Anxiety

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Who struggles with depression and anxiety but has been able to be a successful real estate investor? How have you managed these difficult reoccurring emotions and made RE investing work for you? I would love to hear how people overcome these crippling demons in this field of being your own boss and no accountability to execute (everything falls on your shoulders). Please do not comment if your first thought is “well just pick yourself up by the boot straps and try harder,” bc you obviously have never experienced this real problem that plagues people. TIA!

Honestly I have some depression after a traumatic personal event. It wasn't "I'm sad" type depression but more that I feel like I have no energy.  Thus I slacked on working on one of my latest projects. I haven't gotten all the way through it, but I feel a little better every day. I know exactly what caused it, so I've been dealing with it alone since I know its temporary. If I didnt know why I was depressed I would get therapy to identify my personal goals to get over it.  Then, because I have this vacant property in a C area, I get anxious because its vacant!

As for anxiety otherwise, I am always anxious! I posted just now about evicting a mentally ill inherited tenant. Every time I had to deal with him, he wanted to fight. He was a disgusting, awful person and it gave me awful anxiety to deal with him. He's long gone, but that building still has a little stigma even though I have awesome tenants in there now.  I'm also in the midst of kicking out another set of inherited tenants and that's a big source of anxiety.     

I know having a management company would remove a ton of this anxiety, but I'm way more motivated by building wealth (the fear of having no retirement otherwise) and because Ive been extremely careful in what I purchase, and very conservative in my decisions, I feel very confident in my long term success.  That keeps me very motivated and helps overcome the anxiety and depression.

Plus.............. lexapro and the occasional half-pill of xanax do help hahaha

@Krisann Mayfield Thanks for the vulnerability which is so often lacking in these online spaces and in general. Ive had more than my share of depression/anxiety/ptsd. Just wanted to say I appreciate you bringing this up with honesty. I now work with clients as spiritual director and psychotherapist (in training), using my own pain an suffering to hopefully help lead others deeply into their own and transform it into something beautiful. Peace to you.

@Krisann Mayfield two activities that I believe help investors/entrepreneurs regardless of struggles with depression and anxiety are meditation and physical fitness.  Both of these activities are free and with consistency can contribute significantly to performance and execution.  Buddhify and Headspace are two great apps for meditation if you are just starting out.

That being said, there is no replacement for the correct medical/professional care and support.

@Krisann Mayfield - Great questions!  It is something most people deal with to some extent.  I agree with @Ryan Cox completely.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't exercise every day and yoga a few times a week.  I also have a great support network in my Bible study.  

I also think that having a regular meetup or networking time is incredibly important for business and for sanity.  I find great encouragement from being around others who are in similar business situations and striving to be their best.

I also believe that professional counseling/care can be beneficial.

Hope you have a great 2018! :)

@Krisann Mayfield , Elliott Smith was a guest on The BiggerPockets Podcast  Episode 255 who discussed his struggles with depression. He is ridiculously successful, but also has a great wife who helps him out. Definitely give the show a listen.

If these are perminant medical conditions the best/only answer is medication. Works wonders to create balance.

Self help does nothing to resolve a medical condition of depression or anxiety.

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