Hello BiggerPockets members! It has been a while since I have been on the site and I miss you all. My passion is still at a high time high for this business. However the constant no's I had been receiving while attempting to wholesale ultimately led to a wane in my enthusiasm. A day does not gone by that I am not listening to a podcast of 2. I recently was inspired to begin anew after hearing the story and success of Grant Kemp on ep. 70. I know that it takes the 1st deal to spark the fire and until I get that done. I will not know the true excitement that I feel from all that are having their own successes with their strategies. Another of my issues is trying to be perfect and not wanting to make mistakes. That is somewhat of a fantasy as having listened to a many seasoned vets. Mistakes come with the territory. Well I just wanted to tap back in and show my presence. I am open to assisting any and everyone in Georgia with their properties and deals in any capacity that will teach me to do my own. Not looking for money but the knowledge to make my own. Much success to all and plenty of good health