Can we get a Modesto/Merced forum

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The California Central Valley is Huge! There is a Sacramento Forum, a Stockton and  then a Fresno Forum .

There is about a 2-3 hr drive on Highway 99 From Stockton to Fresno (it runs north and south).

Roughly between the two directly on 99 are the following,  Modesto (Pop 200+) Turlock Pop (70+) Livingston (Pop 13+) Atwater (Pop 28+) Merced (Pop 81+). And many smaller towns east and west,  the Mountains would be the border.

Vastly different demographics, industries and price points than the Bay Area/San Jose.

I am biased because I am in the middle of all this, lol. I think there is enough in this "drive through area" of California to warrant its own forum.

Just my thoughts for the day!!


I'd love to be on this forum. At the very least we can keep this thread going. What are everyone's interests? I'm from the Bay Area and interested in SFH or MFH to buy-and-hold. So I'm interested to hear from people who want to partner, wholesalers, or simply people with properties available.

I live in SoCal. I am also interested in SFH or MFH to buy-and-hold in Central California, specifically in Merced area.  I often travel between SoCal and NorCal on road, and can meet in-person as well. 

There is an individual on craigslist selling an 8 unit cottage type complex, owner financing in Modesto

 very nice individual. I spoke with him at length, Its more than what I am ready for at this point. I am still in the middle of a rehab in Texas. I don't want to get too much on my plate.

Just passing on what I found I hope someone can make a deal on it!

I'd be interested in this forum too. I'm from the SF Bay Area and own 1 single family rental in Merced. Would like to pick up another as the first has been a good investment so far.

I work in Hilmar, California as an Ag Appraiser. I am always driving through small towns in rural areas. I would love to have this forum! My geographic area for rural residential and Ag property appraisals is Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin County! Ag appraisal is much different than residential but I do some rural residential appraisals here and there. Point is on my way to inspecting ag properties I run through these smaller towns near the 99 and off the 99 as well.

Bakersfield is a really big and active market for flips and buy/hold rentals.  Where's our forum?  I would imagine that the hot investment market that the southern central valley has would warrant it's own forum of some sort!

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are newer to BP and I realize that this thread is a few months old. I'd like to start meeting up with you guys. Is there already an established REIA in the Merced area? What exactly do we need to do to establish a forum?


Tim and Nelina

@Mary lou L. , I went to elementary school at Turlock Christian many moons ago. (With Marilyn Inabnit's daughter, if you know her. She's a big-time agent.) 

I drove past my old church last year. The next time I'm in the area I'm going to drive around my old stomping grounds. 

I know it's changed a lot. I'd love to see it again. I have very fond memories of riding my bike to Gear Road for Ice Cream at Thrifty's. 

@Mindy Jensen We live in Turlock! I have lived here my whole life (besides when I went to college at UC Davis). It has changed sooooo much! The new fun ice cream place is Lulu's, which also has a great hamburger and curly fries. It is by Turlock high. We currently own 3 properties in Turlock (including our primary) and looks like maybe a fourth soon. We also own properties else-where. Always a small world haha!