Hi, y'all! I live in Fresno California and I'm looking for other BP investors who have bought properties. I have read books such as The Book on Rental Property Investing, The House Hacking Strategy, Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money down, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I'm currently reading Retire Early with Real Estate and Set for Life. However, you can only learn so much from books. I want to meet up with other experienced investors and just talk real estate, and maybe make some new friends! If you're interested, please let me know! :)

A little bit about myself. I am 18 years old, I listen to BP podcasts every day, I love socializing (quarantine has been a nightmare for me), and I want to begin building my wealth as fast as possible! Although I'm extremely eager, I also want to fully understand what I'm getting myself into, and I think the best way to do so is to just to talk to those who have been in the game and played the game well. 

Thank you.